You’ve had a long day and you come home to a terrible smell. The carpet has been ruined and the trash has been knocked over and strewn about the kitchen. Maybe your cat has eaten another one of your plants or knocked over a breakable knick-knack of yours. Sound familiar? If so, you need to re-think how pet friendly your home is.

Dogs and cats have been domesticated, but that doesn’t mean they’re human. There are many ways in which you can add pet friendly elements to your home that will make you and your furry friends more comfortable, and keep them entertained and out of trouble when you’re not home. From DIY extras to furniture essentials, find out how to create the ultimate pet friendly home so that you and your favorite companion can live in harmony.

Tips and Tricks for Added Comfort and Convenience

If your carpet has nearly been ripped to shreds by your cat’s incessant pawing or your rugs have turned into your dog’s favorite chew toys, it’s time to reconsider the flooring in your home. Hard floors, such as wood, stone, and tile, are the best ways to go. Carpets not only get damaged by paws and teeth, but they lock in odors and collect dog hair and cat dander, making your home an insufferable place for anyone with allergies. You can solve these issues by installing hardwood floors in the living room and bedrooms, tiles in the kitchen, and stone in the bathroom.

Be prepared for walks by setting up a pet area near your front door. This makes it much more convenient for you to zip out in a jiffy, and for you to have a place to clean your dog off a bit before he tracks dirt and mud all over the house after the walk. Use decorative hooks or a pet organizer mounted on the wall for hanging leashes and doggy jackets, and keep a bench underneath it that opens up into a storage area for extra items, such as treats, towels, and dog boots.

DIY Extras

If you’re sick of trying to find that dirty old food bowl that your dog or cat has pushed under the table or refrigerator again or cleaning up water after one of your pets has flipped the water bowl, a great alternative to setting food bowls on the floor is to build a DIY feeding station. Build it at the perfect height for your dog or cats to eat out of. If you have a larger dog, you can use the space underneath as an extra cabinet for storing food and treats. These stations will hold the food and water bowls securely inside of the table so that you don’t end up with messes on the floor after every meal.

While you’re building the feeding station, build a space to keep trash locked up as well so you don’t have to worry about it being stolen by your mischievous pooch whenever you leave home.

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can make your home more pet friendly. Of course, you should always keep chew toys handy for dogs and scratch posts for cats if you don’t want your furniture ruined, and there are many more ways for you to deck out your home to make it enjoyable for your furry friends. Keep everyone happy, healthy, and comfortable by considering the needs of both yourself and your pets.